As the heart of the University of Colorado Boulder campus, the University Memorial Center (UMC) houses the student union program and serves as the State of Colorado’s official veteran’s memorial.  The memorial honors the service and sacrifice of Colorado veterans by connecting the public through displays and contemplative space. With the addition of a new resource center, lounge/collaboration spaces, and meeting rooms, the renovated space supports CU student groups, and better services current underrepresented students.


The project’s new spaces encourage collaboration and support. Students seek assistance from CU staff to organize successful events, as well as starting up, recruiting members, and maintaining their student organizations. The spaces are fun and inviting, offering many services in one area, where people can hangout, meet and socialize with other students. Through a engaged process with students and staff, the renovation includes new space for the Center for Student Involvement, Under-Represented Groups, Veterans Memorial Lounge and the Volunteer Resource Center. This project was completed in the Summer of 2016.