When complete, the new 15-acre neighborhood creates a new sustainable urban neighborhood capitalizing on its proximity to the lake and park, as well as to multiple modes of transportation.  Once a hospital campus, the development mix combines diverse residential opportunities, retail and vibrant public spaces that create a new destination for Denver and the West Colfax neighborhood.


The master plan reconnects the neighborhood and creates a vibrant, dense district with height transitions at the neighboring streets.  Developed design standards include: innovative features to foster sustainability at the community level, specific to high performance building strategies, increased walkability, regionally planned solutions for storm water, and low water use landscapes.


The district and vibrant public realm incorporate a “main street” with broad sidewalks and cafe seating, a plaza as the community heart with a preserved 1930s chapel, and a street as community spine lined with ornamental trees framing a plaza with the ability to host community events.


Project completed as Design Principal at RNL.