The Ruwais Hotel is intended to be the first of a new, regional hotel brand.  The hotel, geared to business travelers throughout the middle east, is intended to be a four-star accommodation featuring both hotel rooms and serviced apartments.


This prototypical hotel will also set the standard for energy efficient hotels in the region.  The hotel is organized around two courtyards, which serve the dual purposes of amenity and microclimate.  Shaded from the sun and cooled by natural breezes, the courtyards effectively extend the number of days that guests can comfortably use the outdoors.  Equally importantly, the microclimate effect minimizes heat entering the building and reduces the energy required for air conditioning.


Shading for the building is achieved through a unique, terra cotta screen surrounding the entirety of the enclosure.  The use of louvers enables shading for 70% of the surface area while still allowing for views into and out of the hotel.  This strategy not only significantly reduces the energy required for cooling but also extends the service life of building elements in this extreme environment.


Project completed as Project Designer at RNL.