MSU is making a bold statement about its future and the success of a thriving, growing student population.  On a shared commuter campus, the place offered little in spiritual rivalry, demanding a life line to vital services and programs that would make staying in school and graduating accessible. Now in a student-centric environment, the new building offers all the services to ensure positive registration in a One Stop Shop environment, all services delivered in one location, engaging in support towards true success.


For the purpose of student success, the facility addresses a multitude of complexities, including departmental consolidation, administrative collaboration and healthy spaces.  The facility goes beyond visual interest and high functionality; it positively affects college recruitment by delivering unique places and smart buildings with state-of-the-art technology and demonstrating the sustainable triple bottom line – environmental, social and economic.  In addition to promoting integration, retention and collegiate experience, the design defined a point of entry to the campus, an arrival marker, and front door to the community and campus recognizing Colorado and the existing campus heritage.


The building also places the center of student support and administrative offices at one location.  The open office concept was embraced to reflect new trends in delivering service, capitalizing on space efficiency, while creating an inviting atmosphere.


Project completed as Design Principal at RNL.