Commerce City’s Civic & Justice Center is a LEED Silver Certified building for the city’s government operations, police department and justice center. Located immediately south of the Prairie Gateway open space, the building serves as a threshold to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.


The exterior of the building includes the use of stone and zinc metal wall panel. The open glass lobby volume is the connection between the Prairie edge and the urban street edge.  This area acts as a beacon and is the main public gathering space for the building giving users access to the various public departments.  Daylighting is also a significant component of the design.  Controls and sun shades are integrated into the window systems to promote daylighting into the open office areas while providing relief from heat gain and glare.  The building is equipped with an under floor air distribution system, which promotes energy efficiency, occupant comfort and enhanced indoor air quality.


To promote a healthier social environment between departments a variety of open office and collaboration spaces were introduced throughout the office suites.  These spaces served as open meeting rooms that integrated with the vertical circulation creating an environment that encouraged group interaction between levels.


Project completed as Project Designer at RNL.