The Cherry Hills residence is organized about a linear spine, accentuating the sense of movement in layers as one space reveals itself to the next.  Each space is individually expressed in texture and form, adding a complexity and unexpected surprise to the whole.  The layout of the program is nontraditional to take advantage of the panoramic vistas; the bedrooms are located on the ground level and the living spaces above.  The entry, below the elevated glass cube of the music room, is through the entrance foyer staircase to a bridge, linking the guest suite, music room and office component to the main house.  Essential to the interplay of volumes is the rich texture of materials, including slate, concrete, stainless steel panels, black modular brick, and varying textures of glass.  The sense of transparency provided by the expanses of glass and the outdoor “rooms” invite the site’s naturally sculptured landscape inside.


Project completed as Project Manager/Designer at Brendle APV.