Handprint Architecture was retained to develop a vacant site at 5219 Allison which features an irrigation canal running diagonally through the site.  The proposed development will provide a community of town homes carefully arranged throughout the site to maintain the existing canal as a neighborhood amenity.


Working in collaboration with Plot Project, we’ve create a design intending to maximize the open space for the town homes.  The open space is congregated around the canal and a green belt running perpendicular to the canal, allowing significant landscaping throughout the site.  A loop drive provides easy access for the residences, which will include a two-car garage for each unit.


The homes will be clustered in groups of two to four town homes, each approximately 1500sf.  The height of the town homes will vary from 2-3 stories to create some visual interest throughout the site and each would be limited to 35’ in height.  The intent of the new development is to provide approximately 29 new townhouse residences on this currently vacant site.