The idea that structures have a relationship to their surroundings is true at any scale.  In the case of 1800 Larimer, the building’s design addresses the city, neighborhood and pedestrian scales through the careful use of its abstract exterior skin. The seemingly abstract nature of each building face creates a kinetic, ever-changing impression as sunlight and clouds of a constantly shifting sky are reflected by the composition of blue glass panels. The observer is treated to dynamic views as the reflections in each panel change constantly to keep the building in motion.


The material palette of the building blends elements of its traditional downtown context into a unique statement.  Void of pattern, the composition emulates an organic, random event almost viral in nature.  Stemmed from the corner of 18th and Larimer streets the blue glass panels appear singular and in clusters, hinting to the tectonics of the structure it envelopes.  Intentionally designed to be different on each façade, the blue panels are extruded from the face to provide additional contrast to the homogenous precast and ribbon-window skin system.


At the lobby corner of 18th and Larimer Streets, the blue glass pattern intensifies, bringing added richness to the full, 22-story height of the office tower. At the ground-level lobby the building reads as a transparent extension of the street, a wall of glass is dissolved by the placement of trees, whose interior placement is mirrored by an exterior placement, permitting the lobby and street to meld together as one. The lobby connects to the sidewalk allowing 1800 to reverse its skyward demeanor and settle into a dynamic calm.


Project completed as Project Designer at RNL.