1755 BLAKE



An infill project located in the heart of the historic district, replaces surface parking lots. The five-story structure with retail at ground level is the first component of revitalizing the street, reinforcing the pedestrian scale.


The building reflects its time and place, paying respect to the past through massing, scale, material selection and detail. Responding to the scale of historic buildings, the façades are articulated into several masses, expressed in subtle layers.  Masses are organized by the 25’ historic lot lines, defined by repeating bays and expressed by the exposed concrete structure.


The inner layer is an efficient office envelope of open floor plates set back from the property lines forming a glass volume.  The glass volume has been pulled back giving presence to the street corner and the adjacent existing historic building.  A second layer is of the material, scale and character of surrounding buildings suggesting the design vocabulary of head, lintels and sills, represented in contemporary tectonics.


Project Completed as Project Manager/Designer at RNL.