A high rise residential infill project located in the Golden Triangle, a mixed use neighborhood of art, culture and government buildings , consists of 280 living units, structured parking and roof top amenities.  Situated to the north, the building is held back creating a small southern court allowing ground floor units to wrap and address the scale of the adjacent property. This open space allows for a future connection across the alley to additional phases of development.


The randomness to the glazing and balconies was a response to the client's disinterest in a traditional vertical expression.  The podium wrap enclosing the garage consists of ceramic rods of varying diameters creating a trellis for the perimeter planter boxes.



The relationship between the tower and podium addresses the scale of the adjacent property and provides a hard line depicting the transition of uses.  Multi story townhome units are provided at the ground level adding to the podium composition.  The volume creates a scale and material transition further addressing the adjacent context.   Designed as a rotating gallery, the two story glass lobby and the art mural provide a connection back to the nearby cultural institutions.


Project completed as Project Designer at RNL.